Patent Law

Patenting your innovative solutions gives you the exclusive right to use them. Patents can allow you to create stronger market position and, if desired, license or sell the patented technology to another enterprise.

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Trademark Law

Your brand distinguishes you from competitors and can be your most valuable asset. For these reasons, it is import to protect your brand from misappropriation by others.

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Copyright Law

In this digital age, it is more important than ever to protect your creative works. Whether your an app developer or an artist, registering copyrights on your work is a powerful tool in preventing unauthorized use and copying.

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About Lewellyn Law, PLLC

Lewellyn Law, PLLC is a full service intellectual property law firm providing patent, trademark, copyright, and trade secret legal services to entrepreneurs, businesses, and entertainers. While we service clients of all sizes, we cater to and understand issues facing start-ups, entrepreneurs, and artists. Lewellyn Law, PLLC offers a variety of legal fee payment structures, including flat fees when appropriate.

Lewellyn Law, PLLC was founded and is operated by Stephen Lewellyn, a registered U.S. Patent Attorney with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. Having started and operated several businesses himself, Stephen has a strong affinity for helping start-ups and entrepreneurs turn their ideas into success stories.

Stephen is also an adjunct professor of law at St. Petersburg College, where he teaches Intellectual Property Law and Business Law.